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Now What? (Experiences and Interests)

How We Got Our Start

My experiences is both unique and general at the same time in regards to other Honors students and TAMU students in general. While everyone has a unique schedule and a list of experiences during their first year at TAMU, I think that there were definitely many experiences that were shared by everyone. For example, we all went through our first year of classes in a new environment that most of us has never gone through previously. Adjusting to a new life dynamic while also doing so without anyone else, it was truly the first moment of our lives that we have learned to be independent. There were definitely a lot of life lessons that everyone has received by going through this process. 

As an Honors community, we all had experiences with sharing our thoughts and opinions and matters relating to self-growth, community, and current events which has allowed us to speak with like-minded people to develop ourselves as people. Completing assignments and attending family meetings has definitely connected us and given us other perspectives outside of our major and immediate groups that have certainly helped us see different sides. Being able to share your opinions and knowledge comfortably was probably the best part of Honors so far.

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