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I have managed to utilize my Freshman year at TAMU in an effective way that would allow me to grow as a person both academically and mentally. I have accomplised to first of all, complete my two semesters of Freshman year successfully academically while taking a few honors courses in my subject. Another accomplishment is that I have won the 1st Place for the Undergraduate Division of the TAMU Data Science Competition. I have also managed to participate in several volunteering activities such as the Big Event as well as Bridge Ministries which is a food bank. Finally, I am very proud to have found a job on campus that relates to my major and allows me to work in an actual working environment for the first time. Overall, there are many activies that I can be proud of for completing this semester!

I have planned some important activities ahead such as my degree plan where I have determined every single class I would have left to take for my major at my time at TAMU. Another is finding even more opportunities to volunteer next academic year. Another is that I have been looking for a faculty member that would be fine with having me conduct research alongside them both to fulfill my CAPSTONE requirement and to be able to conduct research before graduate school, allowing me to distinguish myself from others who do not do undergraduate research. Finally, I have planned out some internship opportunities over the summers that will follow so that I will not be behind in these aspects where necessary experience would be required once I am ready to enter the workforce officially.

Looking back to my first year at TAMU, I see that while there were many achievements that I have made that I could be proud of, there were some things that I could use for self-improvement such as finding a better daily routine where I could squeeze in exercise because health is very important and also not procrastinate as much. (Although I am not too bad about as of now but there definitely is room for improvement) Also, I think that the Honors Program has certainly helped me think more critically in each and every class I took this year including statistics, computer programming, and anthropology. Continuing to develop my interest and critical thinking skills will surely serve me well for my future classes!

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