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So what? (Reflections)

How We Got Our Start

My experiences as a Freshman at TAMU will definitely have a giant impact on myself while I will still have some sort of impact in the community and the world to an even lesser extent. For me personally, I have managed to stretch myself and find big opportunities not just in the assignments that the Honors Program provided but also through self-reflection and engagement in society whether this is academically like the Data Competition or socially like the Big Event. I have learned more about myself and what I am capable of and I was proud to learn that I can do better than what I had in mind about myself and this is has certainly boosted my confidence in myself and my abilities. While this was the case, I found aspects I could improve on such as being more pro-active and speaking out to truly engage. 

I think that what I did this academic year has helped the community especially through my volunteering to those who needed just a fraction of my help since there were so many others who have helped but I am glad to have made someone's three hours. Perhaps I may not be able to have an impact that would be life-changing, but I certainly could help someone smile for at least a few minutes.

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